Sample Resume

A resume is a document that presents the summary of a person’s personal details, relevant work experience, qualifications, rewards, achievements, etc. It is usually prepared specific to the requirements of the job opening, for which a person is applying. It includes keywords as per the requirement specified in the job opening.

A resume provides an opportunity to a job seeker to present himself/herself to the potential employers even without meeting them in person. Writing an effective resume assumes great importance because it can create the favorable impression and gets the attention of the employers instantly.

As a first step of getting the desired job, writing resume requires detailed attention and planned approach. One cannot afford to mess at this stage because if one resume does not get the attention of potential employer then no matter how qualified and experienced a person is he/she will not be called for the interview. Therefore writing resume is of same significance as preparing for the interview.

Nowadays recruiters are flooded with the job application letters all the time so they do not spare time to look into the details of each and every resume. They screen the resumes quickly by focusing on particular keywords. A resume which is written in proper format with attention on the relevant details and complete in all respects easily get selected for the next round of recruitment process. Therefore key is to learn the art of preparing effective resumes for creating a bright career for oneself.

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